About us

Long time ago, I decided to buy a pet dog – a small,white , curly coat dog, which is not a poodle, with a pedigree for “just in case…”. “The case” brought me LANRE LUCKY, the first bichon frise in former Yugoslavia.

For two years he had been only a pet dog (I thought I had a bichon bolognese which in Great Britain was called bichon frise !!!) – till the day someone from the Kennel club saw me walking with my LUCKY . And then my life changed!

I was litterarly persuaded to go to the fist show which took place in Zagreb where he got CAC and BOB. At that first time, I fell in love with the shows, with all dogs and with everything that showing a dog meant. A new world opened to me, not to mention the friends I made through the dog shows! This is just information for the dog owners to be.

LUCKY had carried on winning, so I bought him a “girl friend” LINDA, which lead to the BINI’S kennel, and to the first bichon frise puppies in Croatia … all the details you can find on our pages.

Well, more than 20 years had passed since Multi.Ch & Int.Ch. Lanre Lucky, my first bichon came to my home. Since then a lot of things have happened in my BINI’S Kennel, which you can see on these web pages. I am still in the world of bichons and not only bichon frisé but all the bichon breeds and dogs in general. I am proud to say that in 2005 I founded the Bichon Club Zagreb, started with many activities in the Club, such as Bichon Day, regular eye and knee patella checkings, Bichon Top Dog, and the most important, the Bichon Specialty in Croatia, which is still being held.

I am not a memeber of that club any more but a member of another Club belonging to te Croatina Kennel Club and I have gone a bit further with my canine activity , becoming a show dog judge. I am still dedicated to the bichon breed, having selected litters and breeding healthy and successful show dogs (out of those which are going to shows), and I am happy to give any advice or help as far as bichons are concerned

JUDGING: I am a judge for all breeds of FCI group IX. and a part of FCI group III – Small and Toy Terriers. I would like to ask all the owneres of BINI’S dogs, not to show them under my judging. Although it is permitted by the rules, I do not concider it ethical. Thank you for understanding.